EBC Financial Group Recognised as “Most Trusted FX Broker” and “Best CFD Broker” at World Finance Awards

EBC Financial Group Recognised as “Most Trusted FX Broker” and “Best CFD Broker” at World Finance Awards


EBC Financial Group Recognised as “Most Trusted FX Broker” and “Best CFD Broker” at World Finance Awards

(London, 27 June 2024) EBC Financial Group (EBC) is proud to announce that it has been honoured with two prestigious awards at the World Finance Awards 2024: Most Trusted FX Broker and Best CFD Broker. These accolades reflect EBC’s unwavering commitment to transparency, regulatory compliance, and exceptional customer service.

This double recognition highlights global investors’ trust in EBC’s top-tier regulatory credentials, superior trading environment, and diverse security measures, further cementing EBC’s position as a global leader in the financial industry.


Comprehensive Excellence: Best CFD Broker

The “Best CFD Broker” award is one of the most prestigious industry accolades, evaluating brokers on order execution, pricing optimization, user experience, fund security, trading support, and innovation. As the 2024 recipient, EBC has demonstrated unparalleled execution advantages, offering lightning-fast order execution, high capacity for order aggregation, and exceptional system stability.

Sincere Foundation: Most Trusted FX Broker

Alongside the “Best CFD Broker” award, EBC was also honoured as the “Most Trusted FX Broker.” Trust is built on a foundation of strict regulatory compliance, ensuring every order is executed safely and efficiently, supported by a responsive service team and diverse offerings tailored to various market conditions.

In 2024, EBC Financial Group (Cayman) Limited obtained a full regulatory license from the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA), regulatory number 2038223, demonstrating EBC’s proactive compliance with broader jurisdictional requirements. Currently, EBC holds top-tier licenses from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for its UK entity, EBC Financial Group (UK) Ltd, whilst EBC Financial Group (Australia) Pty Ltd is regulated by Australia’s Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), and EBC Financial Group (Cayman) Limited by CIMA, adhering to the highest standards of self-regulation and regular cross-jurisdictional audits.

EBC has established a 24/7 service team to provide round-the-clock support and specialized solutions. With localised talent pools, EBC shares industry insights, cutting-edge tools, and real-time information, ensuring users stay ahead. EBC also offers a comprehensive suite of trading tools, customizable indicators, and deep institutional partnerships, catering to the diverse needs of traders at various stages.

Industry Recognition and Client Trust

Jon Bentley, Head of Production at World Finance Magazine comments, “For over a decade, the World Finance Forex Awards have celebrated outstanding achievements in the forex industry, honouring brokers based on key metrics such as customer service, trust, transparency, and technological innovation. In 2024, EBC Financial Group, a globally regulated broker, has distinguished itself by winning the titles of Best CFD Broker and Most Trusted FX Broker. This reflects EBC Financial Group’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service, fostering trust, and maintaining transparency with its clients. Their innovative approach and dedication to excellence have set a benchmark in the industry, highlighting their position as a leader in the forex market.”

Winning these two prestigious awards underscores global traders’ trust and support for EBC and marks a significant milestone in EBC’s industry achievements.

Looking Forward

EBC is honored to receive these awards and is committed to continually providing superior trading services, understanding industry trends, and leading within a compliance framework. Looking ahead, EBC will adhere to the principles of integrity and respect, maintain the highest standards of trading environments, and integrate diverse services and partnerships to build a safer, more comprehensive financial ecosystem for global investment opportunities.

For more information on EBC Financial Group, please visit: https://www.ebc.com/.

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